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You have just found the World’s Best Chris Rock Voice Impressionist! You have heard “Not Chris Rock” on radio and TV, many commercials, podcasts and so much more! The best part is; you thought it was Chris Rock, but no-no-no… It’s was MOST LIKELY “Not Chris Rock“!

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Why Hire “Not Chris Rock”?

  •  Sounds just like the real thing (99.9% approval rating)
  •  A very distinguished and recognized voice that grabs and demands attention
  •  Customized performance (with or without a script)
  •  Recorded in a Full Service Professional Recording Studio
  •  Uncensored Subject Matter (almost any topic)
  •  Costs may include use of any needed sound effects or supplied audio bed
  • Quick Turnaround Time (24 hours and sometimes the SAME DAY)
  •  Professional and Affordable
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What Customers Say…

Absolutely perfect! Thank you so much! I highly recommend "Not Chris Rock"!

I appreciate you and your gift!
A. Haven, USA
Absolutely brilliant. As a Reality Show producer, I appreciate talent of this quality.

I will definitely use him again. Love your wit, improvisation and humour.
K. Church, UK

What Chris Rock Says about “Not Chris Rock”…